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(He obviously knows the benefit of getting large bloggers to send him traffic) Unfortunately, there was no way I could say “YES! There’s NOTHING in the email that gives me a reason to even CONSIDER sending him traffic.I’m not pointing this out to make fun of this guy, because as I said, I believe he’s an honest dude who’s still learning the ropes.We can highlight your research to all of my listeners, and hopefully we can both make the world a little bit smarter!Now, to be quite honest, in this scenario, appealing to a moral incentive is quite weak, but I wanted to keep the examples consistent. Instead of focusing on selling books, or joining your colleagues, I’m talking more about “making the world a better place… And finally, let me show you how I’d use ALL THREE incentives at once.Don’t come at someone and say, I’ll send you some traffic, if you send me some traffic. Instead, what you need to do is this: Review the type of work the person you’re emailing puts out IN DETAIL. Show me how you’d convince them to do it by leaving a comment below.Then ask yourself, “Is there anything I can do to add to this conversation? And remember, when writing your email, try to appeal to all three incentives.It was done by a university in London, and I think you’ll dig it. My article says he’s right, and people LOVE being right (that’s a social and economic incentive). was one of the most popular we’ve ever written, we decided to share a few more.

But how might this work with enticing people to share your work with their readers?and creating work for the person you’re trying to help.They’re already busy, so the email often gets ignored.The reason why I’m pointing this out is because I get a million of these emails each week.So thing not to do #1: If you’re contacting someone you don’t know, NEVER make it all about yourself. If you’d like to make a solid impression on someone, you should NEVER make the conversation about “ME ME ME ME.” If you wanted to learn more about this very problem, I actually created a video and a free PDF where I go into this in detail.

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