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Barely legal babes waiting for you to guide them in the ways of sex.

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nowadays shouldn't be spanked Parents get so afraid to discipline their children and want to be there "friend" it is our job as parents to discipline, correct misguided behavior.

I never understood that fantasy, but I knew it was strong enough to stay with me and grow in strength, as I grew in strength.

I had friends while growing up who frequently got spanked, and all of my senses were keenly tuned to the sound of the word SPANKING.

I just remember being fascinated, silently listening to the pounding smacks and crying, accompanied by the tone and rumble of the adult's voice who administered them.

In my early 20's I'd casually play spanking games with some of the men I dated...these were fun and caused great laughter between us, but these were nothing compared to the real spanking fantasies in my head.

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