Dating on cruise ships powerpoint interracial dating problem solving

On board, I was one of about 1,200 employees and 2,600 passengers.You’ve heard the rumors and, yes, it’s true: Everyone working on your cruise ship is sleeping with everyone else. Love really can bloom in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.Unsure of what to do, we helped her to the gang plank and then filed in one by one.When she didn’t appear behind us, we looked out of a porthole only to see her attempting to board the wrong ship.

It’s a fireable offense, one that few people I knew transgressed.

Then, at Christmas, someone decked the fish heads in little Santa hats.

When I worked in 2008 I was making about ,000 a month — a tidy haul, considering all my expenses were covered.

Depending on your country of origin, you may not have to pay tax on this income since you are earning your salary in international waters. A friend of mine who took on several cruise ship contracts bought a house. But on one occasion, as we sailed the Atlantic, a wave hit the side of the ship where my cabin was hard enough to throw me out of bed.

On particularly turbulent days, you discover that people from different parts of the world bring their own cures.

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