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I have bookmarked several members I would like to message. If I contact these members I like with a though provoking email will they contact me back?

It is cheaper to join for several months at a time instead of just one. What is the average amount of time needed before you find someone on a dating site like Toward the end of that year, I found several women that interested me, so I signed up for a three month membership.

There was also a pattern at home towns which made no sense; in one case, the town's name had been changed and they used the former name from an obviously older map.

In other cases, details were blatantly wrong (one said they didn't eat pork for religious reasons, but their stated religion was not one that prohibits any food, let alone pork)--I believe most the profiles were written overseas using Wikipedia, old atlases and other. Not only did I not get a reply, the majority became disabled by the next day; one within the hour.

My conclusion is that is a scam; well over 80% of the profiles are fake and/or reactivated cancelled accounts.

Not worth it at all..others stated, most of the women's profiles are fake and just put there to get us guys to spend money on the site.

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