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The internal anal sphincter, one of two muscles that control the anus, is always under tension.

If this tension (also called resting pressure) is too high, spasms and reduced blood flow can cause an anal fissure or prevent an existing one from healing.

Botulinum injections may be more helpful than nitroglycerin ointment, but the studies do not all agree.

Fissures may return after treatment with Botox is discontinued.

And I guess this has changed the demographics of our site visitors since we have gone from about 5% male visitors last year to about 23% this year! Almost 1/4 of our visitors are male and I didn’t even realize it! Almost all effort on the site has always been based around the presumption that virtually all our visitors are female and that is clearly no longer the case.

We have articles on anal bleaching, nipple bleaching, dark underarms and more.And two big thumbs up if you are kind enough to take a minute or two out of your time to leave me feedback on ways to improve the site or what information you would like me to research and write on.Injections of botulinum toxin (Botox) may help heal a tear (fissure) in the anus.The other day I was looking through the website stats and came across some very interesting statistics, which is the reason for me writing this article.Originally we started out talking solely about vaginal bleaching, since that was my primary interest. Because of that, our traffic was almost entirely female and I never really looked further than that since I assumed the site would always cater to females.

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