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"Our results show that mandating only increased physical education or recess time does not result in more overall physical activity as schools and/or districts appear to compensate for any increased physical activity in one area by decreasing other physical activity opportunities," the authors conclude. H., of the University of California, San Francisco writes, "as a result of the current focus on reversing the obesity epidemic, the benefits of increased physical activity are becoming more widely discussed."By mandating physical education or recess, policy makers can effectively increase school-based physical activity opportunities for youth." Editorial: Promoting the Health of Our Youth In an accompanying editorial, Kristine Madsen, M. What is not discussed is that lack of physical activity may be a far greater public health problem than obesity." Dr.Kevin has made some, James Pethokoukis makes others: Then there’s the tremendous upside to driverless cars.Not everyone may personally know a gun victim, but who hasn’t been in a nasty car accident or doesn’t know someone who has?If such cars do bring such practical benefits (and they could well), people will choose them for themselves, and only a stubborn minority — a minority too small to disrupt the smooth operation of a driverless traffic system — will stick with their retrograde jalopies.Even if we put the question of individual freedom to one side (and we should not), if driverless cars turn out to be as good as some predict they ought not to need compulsion to back them up.Many of those problems are going to be solved by Millennials for whom owning a car and having strong feelings about it is a barbaric Boomer relic. For all the irritations that can come with car ownership, the essence of the automobile is the autonomy that it brings.

Most grade school students are likely to claim recess as their favorite period of the day; however, in many cases recess still can be sedentary with students not engaging in enough physical activity. Despite widespread cuts to physical education classes and recess, an Indiana University study has shown that schools can play an important role in helping their students live healthier lives.

The authors also found that adequate physical education time was inversely associated with recess, with schools offering at least 150 minutes/week of physical education being 50 percent less likely to meet recommendations on recess time.

Additionally, schools with students of predominantly white race/ethnicity were more likely than all other racial/ethnic groups to have daily recess, and schools with the highest number of students receiving free or reduced-cost lunch were less likely to have 20 minutes of recess daily.

Autonomous cars won’t have to route around traffic jams because traffic jams will never form in the first place — that’s the value of the network.

Countless man-hours now wasted sitting in traffic will be liberated.

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