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There are a limited number of places for our test sessions.Once this number has been reached for a particular test date, you may no longer register for this date and the date will not be available on the VIAPAY site.Once we have approved the documentation, you may register for a new test date.If you register for a new test without approval of documentation, your payment is not refundable.VIA University College - School of Business, Technology and Creative Industries cooperates with a number of agents in Europe.If you wish to sit for the VIAT/e at one of our agents, please contact them directly.Please be aware that your VIAT/e test scores are only valid for 1 year after the test date.

As a consequence, there is no matching of delivery and receipt instructions on the U. Provided that both sets of instructions match, the custodian will electronically affirm the broker's confirmation on the ID system.VIALAC requires a certificate or other form of documentation from the authorised language course provider.If the documentation is in another language than English, you must send both the original and a translated version of the documentation.For questions concerning the VIAT/e, please contact: Helle Svendsen E: [email protected] the day of the test, please go to the main reception at VIA University College, Chr. A VIALAC representative will meet you at the reception area.For documentation purposes, please bring your payment receipt and a valid picture ID. You may make use of a dictionary, either in a book format or as an online version.

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