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Further, the private veranda on a cruise ship affords a photogenic backdrop for many sexually charged photos and videos. While the trip was his idea, as you and I warmed to the idea, he became a bit cranky about the limits of his access to you.

Once he learned that he would have to wait until the trip was over to ‘reclaim’ you, your husband began dragging his feet. Yes, our trip tugged at his desires to watch you with another man.

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In fact, I felt as though that ice bag voice had just invigorated my balls. He stopped with about 2 inches still outside and you barked, “All of it!“Speak again and that camera of yours will be a bag of pieces in the trash and those wires a bit tighter big boy.” I lay on the bed shocked but as you turned from him and literally crawled across the bed to me like a tigress, Jeff’s plight was forgotten and you were all that existed in our world.The evening became night and we made love for hours on end.She would gently (and sometimes not so gently) lick and nibble my nipples while I would anchor my palm on her buttock with my thumb gently twirling inside her vagina.We could calm or excite each other by the pace or intensity of the movement.

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