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In Delaware, a registered voter may enter either name, date of birth, and 5-digit ZIP (postal) code, as shown in Figure 1a, or driver’s license number (or State ID) and date of birth, as shown in Figure 1b. Information required to identify a voter at the Delaware website is either: (a) name, date of birth, and ZIP; or, (b) driver’s license number (or State ID if not a driver) and date of birth.In the example shown, the voter also has to enter “LANARK” in the CAPTCHA field to proceed.

The registrar for the voter data in Riverside, California reportedly maintained no logs [1], [2].

In order for a falsified absentee ballot attack to succeed, an attacker needs to request the ballots on behalf of voters before the absentee ballot request deadline of each state.

After the deadline passes, voters filing absentee ballot requests may be required to vote in person.

According to the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) of 1993, a state is allowed to remove voters from local registration rolls due to address change, mental incapacity, criminal conviction, or death [22], with address change generally the only option that publicly accessible state online websites offer to voters.

Provisional ballots A malicious attack that changes a voter’s home address in most states can adversely impact the voter’s experience at the polling place.

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